Granny’s Legacy

Nostalgy all over again. These postcards / memory game cards include photos of the blanket my granny made for me about forty years ago. Vintage, yes, and still in use.

You may send the cards as usual postcards, but if you leave the backside empty and send the card in an envelope instead, the lucky one can cut herself or himself a memory game! One card gives you a three pair mini memory game, but five cards together make a good game with some challenge…

The set of five different postcards gives you a 15 pair memory game – quite challenging actually.

Five cards package 10,00 €
includes five different cards, one envelope, A5-sized transparent paper for writing a note or a letter, and one granny’s square envelope sticker.

Packaging & shipping costs are added (depending on where the package goes, in Finland & Europe 3€)

Request also individual cards (á 1,50).

(FI: Lataa suomenkielinen esite)

Orders / enquiries






RED – posters and prints!

RED card and posters include the word red in various languages. Behind each card there is a QR code where you can take a peak to ‘language map’, to see in which language each red word is written. QR code is also provided with each poster separately. A small black and white printed ‘language map’ is printed with each order. Also in future you may access to the language file via this and via sites – so everyone will get to see the ‘language map’, even those without a QR reader.

Please read more:


Matthew Luckiesh: The Additive Method of Mixing Colors (1921), vintage re-make

…Not feeling like a bag totelady. There are also prints, mugs, curtains, stickers, cards, towels and about everything you can think about. At my Coloria Society6 store that is.

Playing with Colour Wheels…

A playful flower pattern based on a colour wheel found in James Ward’s book Colour harmony and contrast (originally published in 1903, London: Chapman and Hall, Ltd). Plate 7 caption: “Five pairs of Complementary Colours forming a Chromatic Circle.”

I just kept seeing it as a flower…

Get one at my Coloria Society6 Store!

What happens in kitchen, stays in kitchen, ok?

I bring these beaaauuutiful kitchen prints for any serious (or not so) cooks master chefs out there. Perfect art in your kitchen or good giveaways for a cooking addicted friend! Signed limited edition series of 50 prints as all my miniprint series. Only 20€/$ + postage.

Check out the Kitchen Go-Go series – starting with six prints but there are more to come…


Ooh, there are some Small Love For You notebooks available in my Society6 Store! And more to come, slowly but surely! Check out:

Get Confy!

Comforters! They are soft and they are …soft! Designs are printed onto 100% microfiber polyester fabric for brilliant images and a soft, premium touch. Lined with fluffy polyfill and available in king, queen and full sizes. Available with several designs at my Society6 Store – check out them all at

Illustration exhibition in Helsinki

I’m having a small illustration exhibition in Helsinki, at the Rikhardinkatu Library Children’s Department through November 2016!

More info about this beautiful library at on HelMet (Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries) site and more info about the exhibition coming soon.

Oh, and follow my Instagram and especially hashtags #piratecat and #jamerirosvokissa (not much there yet with those hashtags, but coming soon)…

Knitting With Attitude

As I didn’t have enough Society6 Shops already, I opened yet another one. My KUVITUKSIA shop can be found in and it will show those illustrations that doesn’t fit in my Monsterium Universe (for those ones my first shop at will continue).

The very first upload to my new shop is Knitted Skulls series from Knitting with Attitude collection. I’ll upload more background colour choices through the autumn – from bold colours to pastelly and everything in between.

Visit KUVITUKSIA shop to view the whole collection!

Because knitting isn’t for faint hearted!

Knitting with Attitude at my Society6 Kuvituksia Shop

Colour or color, who cares?

As long as there is some available, I’m ready to have it in which ever way it’s spelled.

And now it’s available: I have a new Coloria Society6 Shop for colour related stuff. I’ll have all kinds of colour related stuff available from my new personal designs to remakes to interpretations of old colour charts, wheels, etc (which I have re-made & vectorised myself based on the original material). Not to forget about the Coloria promotes collection, which shows colour related stuff from other illustrators and artists.

All profit from any sales will go in keeping my Coloria projects running.

So, please, take a visit to

Three Pirates all together!



They are together! The old Pirate Captain fella has been portraited already a few years back, but now it has the whole family back together again: also Green Pirate and Red Pirate hanging around with this great and powerful terror of the sea… Prints in several sizes and also choice of canvas prints – and mugs, tees, tote bags, pillows, hoodies, pouches… Also some new big Captain stuff that wasn’t available before, like laptop skins, mugs, throw blankets etc.

Have some privacy – no – PIRACY in your life! All these and much more at my Society6 store’s ‘Characters and Creatures From the Monsterium World’ collection!


Secret Garden

Something old, something new! Not so long ago I discovered some fairytale illustrations I had drawn over ten years ago. I decided to give a new life to them in Illustrator and Photoshop – and here they are, the first of them being ‘Secret Garden’. It is available in my Society6 Shop as small and big prints, but also as pouches, pillows, rugs…

Check out my Society6 Shop at:


Well, these are fun! I noticed that Society6 has brought an option for leggings. Most of my Society6 images are not pictures that would work in leggings as they are, but I decided to give them a go with my Iconia Girls series, especially using their curly hair as an ornamental decoration.

Check out all the choices of these grand designs from my Society6 Shop!

New Café-Bistro Miniprints

Well, not exactly ‘new’, I made them already last year (2015), but I’m a bit slow right now… But this time I offer you some extraordinary taste combinations, so find your inner adventurer for example with this ‘Coffee & Salmiac’ combo. A verrry good gift for some one who likes coffee and adventures!

Only 20€/$ + postage!

View all choices from the Café-Bistro Miniprints series.

New Vinyl & C-Cassette Nostalgy Prints

‘Not Again…’ and five other new prints from the Vinyl & C-Cassette Nostalgy miniprint series now added online!

View the Vinyl & C-Cassette Nostalgy series prints

Huh? What happens?

Send a wondering Valentine love monster to your friend :)

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10v Monsterium

Yep. It’s here! Ten years of colouring pictures with a mild 10v voltage! The book 10v Monsterium, including 32 colouring pictures! There’s absolutely nothing zen or mindfulness thingies in this retrospectively raging colouring book. You can hardly get any peace of mind of it either, but I have tried to keep the illustrations simple enough, that no bigger stress should grow during the colouring process. Between the covers there hide some messy-minded monsters, crazy creatures, some dogs and cats and one striped fox.

The price is 10€ per book (+postage). If you are interested, please email me paivi.hintsanen(at) :) PayPal payment possible.

ps. 10v is actually Finnish equivalent for 10y(ears) :)

10v monsterium!

Download the xmas colouring pictures

During December 2014 I have had a colouring advent calendar at my monsterium facebook-page. This year all the windows are already opened and all the pictures are downloadable for printing and then colouring. You can arrange the pictures and make a really huuuuuge one colouring picture of them :)

Links to colouring pictures:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
Day 15
Day 16
Day 17
Day 18
Day 19
Day 20
Day 21
Day 22
Day 23
Day 24
Day 25

Read more about this 2014 project

The Sweet Waste Dyes Guide

A few years back Ulla Lapiolahti and I made a Finnish e-book about garbage colours – how to get dyes and colours out of your everyday biowaste, for example, like onion skins, coffee grounds etc. Now the 20-page e-book is out in English (with the help of Miia Huttunen and Frankie Robertson who did enormous proofreading job!)

In the guide we show you the secrets of garbage dyeing, give you instructions of how to make inks and printing pastes, carve some potatoes for printing purposes and pattern some paper – fun and ecological recycling in mind. The guide is made for everyone interested – but especially for teachers and group councelors. We are glad if our guide can be utilised in teaching or any group activities.

Our guide is made to be printed at home. It is shared with Creative Commons licence, which gives permission to share, copy and print it for non-commercial use. Download, share with your friends and have fun!

Download the booklet via SULOisia värejä – The Sweet Waste Dyes webpage – and share it with your friends too!

Sweet Waste Dyes, headline page 12

Normal Coffee For Left-Handed.

Do you know what day August 13 is? The official Left Handers Day! I have thought about you and besides the Normal Coffee I’ve had Normal Coffee For Left-Handed in my Café-Bistro Miniprint selections for a couple of years already! So, come on – have some (- Limited edition pigment ink miniprint (8x8cm, ed.50) for just 20€.)

Something completely different – fantasy revisited

After getting some enquiries about my old illustrations, 10+ years back, which I don’t print myself anymore, I decided to make them available in my Society6 store at These are prints that I once sold signed, but not numbered or limited edition (such prints won’t be available via Society6 at any point). Now they are available as gallery quality Giclée print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks, in five different sizes, or as canvas prints printed on bright white, fine poly-cotton blend, matte canvas using latest generation Epson archival inks, in three different sizes. And in all kinds of other stuff from totes to shower curtains and from laptop sleeves to throw pillows!

Tamed II Laptop sleeve

Tamed III Mug

Night and Day, tote

The Rise, Laptop sleeve

Colouring pictures, anyone?

I’ve drawn unique colouring pictures for an even 10 years now – so, it’s a kind of anniversary here!

Until last year I created mostly odd (but verrrrry nice) monsters (which gave the original name to my Monsterium project) and cute cartoony animals, but last year I draw first of my colouring pictures “for adults” – flora themed drawings, more abstract pattern thingies and such. (“For adults” in quotation marks, as it seems to be that most of my pictures have always been coloured by adults, not children… even those cute monster ones). At the moment, I’m planning to publish either a series of numbered limited edition colouring pictures or a colouring book – let’s see which one comes out first.

While waiting that one, if you are interested in colouring and having something that no one else has, my unique colouring pictures are just a thing for you. Unique, original drawings on an artist quality 200g cotton paper with an archival pigment ink pen… only 10 € a piece. That’s a bargain. If you’re interested, please contact me and request some themes. If I don’t have anything ready, I’ll draw one just for you!

Ps. I’ve also drawn some commission colouring works for a few companies – if you would like order one (several unique pictures or one or a few ones to be copied), please contact me and ask for an offer!

Slightly Amused Monsters

Slightly Amused Monsters, III Aquamarine pillow

Slightly Amused Monsters, I Blue laptop

A few weeks ago I made an offer for one company, of the stickers for children, but my offer / illustrations didn’t get chosen. I wouldn’t like to leave these to my drawer, so what is the better reason to make them available as totes, t-shirts and mugs on my Society6 store ( :D

Fruit Tree Collection

Now they are all there – check out my Fruit Tree Collection at my Society6 shop! Four different base colours and twenty colour combos to choose.

Ps. Also available as prints, cards, duvet covers… Oh, and those shower curtains look great!

Happy to be Your friend!

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Iconia Girls

About four years ago I made these six line drawings to be sold at Habitare fair. The drawings were basis to my Iconia Girls series, available now at my Society6 shop. The first colour combo is black, white and red, followed soon with black, white and neutral; black, white and marsala (you know, the Pantone colour of the year 2015) and just black and white. (Later on spring also March, April and May colour combos will follow.)

Fruit Tree Series

New series at my Society6 Shop!

Fruit Tree series comes in green, orange, red and yellow colours with five colour combination variations of each. That is total of 25 different combinations! Available as an art prints, tote bags, mobile and laptop skins, rugs, pillows etc.

Visit the shop!

Get stuff from my Society 6 shop!

Prints, mugs, laptop and Ipod skins, shower curtains, pillow covers, rugs, t-shirts, hoodies… you name it. :)

Long-Steeped Black Tea.

Something to warm you during these cold, dark winter evenings.

Limited edition pigment ink miniprint (8x8cm, ed.50). 20€ + postage

Check out the “Café-Bistro miniprint” page to see the whole series (so far).

Christmas decorations

(…ended up colouring my advent colouring calendar pictures myself…) – The whole picture + all other colouring pictures of the advent calendar are available as downloadable free colouring pictures at Kuvituksia / Monsterium Facebook-page during December 2014.

Colouring Picture Advent Calendar

There is a huuuuuuuge colouring (advent) calendar happening in Kuvituksia / Monsterium Facebook-page! And not for 24 but 25 days!

Behind each window there is one A4 sized downloadable (PDF) colouring picture – one each day from December 1 to the first Christmas day. You can download and colour them each as individual pictures, but you can also attach them to wall to form a really big colouring image: about 150cm x 105cm or 59,1 x 41.3 inches (if you print each picture in recommended A4 size)! You can view the original numbering to help you position the pictures – or feel free to mix the order of the pictures if you’d like to.

The pics are A4 size, but if your printer doesn’t support borderless printing, or you would like to print to letter size, please select a “fit to page” option from your printer. (You may want to select a thin border markings in your printer, if they are available, that would help you to cut the extra borders off.) You may also print pictures in any smaller size, just select prosentage in your printer settings. Oh, and they are scalable, so if you want to print wall-size pics, just go for it! (…In which case I would like to see one…)

A new window is opened and a new colouring picture is downloadable each day about 12pm Finnish time (UTC/GMT +2 hours) at!

New works in Vinyl & C-Cassette Nostalgy series

…or not quite new, made already last year, but it took about a year to upload them into my website… Ooops.

View all the miniprints of the series.

Illustrations for the Alzheimer Society of Finland

I have made illustrations for a children’s story, a cartoon and an info booklet, and also a sea horse “logo”, commissioned by the Alzheimer Society of Finland. Texts by Heidi Härmä and Sanna Aavaluoma and layout by Mainostoimisto Maustamo (advertising agency). These booklets are meant for young children whose parents have gotten alzheimer in early age. The children’s story (The island of sea horses) was the most sad but beautiful illustration commissions ever.

It was also interesting to find out that hippocampus is a part of our brain plays important part in short- and long-time memory and it’s named after its resemblance to the seahorse (Greek hippos meaning “horse” and kampos meaning “sea monster”) – that’s why the sea horse in these stories.

Tampere Art Fair / D 221

I just ordered a very small test set of postcards of these grey night fants (and some pink ones too). I’ll take the cards + dozens of unique badges + whimsical and seriously weird miniprint series (with my more “serious” kind of art) to my booth at Tampere Art Fair! See you there!

Monsterium/Kuvituksia popup c/o Päivi Hintsanen
at booth D 221
Tampere Art Fair 14.–16.11.2014
Tampereen Messu- ja Urheilukeskus

Tiny, Humble Coffee with Milk.

Warmness in small size. Have some, please.

Limited edition pigment ink miniprint (8x8cm, ed.50), 20€ + postage (shipping free in Finland).

Little Sleepy

Little Sleepy

…and other prints from the Sick Day Blues series are coming up soon.

New logo for Coloria

I re-designed the logo with this hand-drawn one, very opposite to the old, boring and flat one. is my website about colours (in Finnish only, sorry), and the remaking of the whole site is on its way. Also planning to utilize this logo to make some print stuff (totes, tees and also textured ones)… soon.


More Cats!

They are sunny yellow, strong orange, beautiful pink, some white and black, and striped and all. And every cat in five gorgeous background colours. Something for the quiet, pastelly lovers and something else for the …eh… others.

Check out my Society6 page for prints, mobile & laptop skins, pillows, rugs… at All colour variations will be avaible in two weeks time!

Masquerade in Africa

It’s a monster! …No, it’s a cat with a strange mask and around some African inspired colours. (And there are three colour versions!)

Available also from Society6: prints, tees, laptop skins… Take a peek:

Downloadable PDF guide for Tarinakone

Anne Kalliomäki is the owner of Tarinakone company. She is an expert of finding the stories behind the ordinary company products. She has worked around this theme for many years and a few years back she published her first free downloadable pdf booklet of making stories around business products (I made the layout and illustrations also for that one). Now the second version of the booklet is around: “Ilmainen opas punaisen langan metsästäjille 2” (“Free guide for the hunters of the red thread 2”) – only in Finnish, though. I have made the layout and some illustrations for the booklet, and also the promotion material.

If you can handle Finnish, you may read more – and download the free booklet.

Sparkling Coffee (Dark Roasted)

I just happen to have one spark-themed miniprint suitable for Illustration Friday topic!

Tote bags

ps. BTW, look the site header for some great offers now and then, for example “FREE Worldwide Shipping and $5 Off Each Item”!

Some abstract flower flow…

Made this design as a table cloth design for my friend – but look, now it’s pillow in four colour combinations!

Society6 / Päivi Hintsanen

Joined Society6!

After planning to join to Society 6 for months (years?) I finally got myself time enough to make it happen. The first upload is Refresh pic that I made some time ago. Soon some other older stuff too will follow, like polka-dotted-winged cats and some small but kind monsters. Right now I’m designing whole new illustrations that I’ll get finished hopefully in the beginning of June – and which will then be available exclusively at Society6 site.

Visit my Society6 page.


Nostalgy continues

Mood Indigo. Limited edition pigment ink miniprint (8x8cm, ed.50).

Some additions to the series Vinyl & C-Cassette Nostalgy coming online soon.

Something warm to chilly weather

Knitter Happier. Limited edition pigment ink miniprint (8x8cm, ed.50).

Other works from series Knit-a-Lot coming online soon.

…Sure you didn’t…

We didn’t do it. Limited edition pigment ink miniprint (8x8cm, ed.50).

Some additions to the series Every Day Life coming online soon.

Slight Flu.

Slight Flu. Limited edition pigment ink miniprint (8x8cm, ed.50).

Other works from series Sick Day coming online soon.

Colouring pictures

Unique colouring pics drawn to A4 sized Fabriano paper with pigment ink pen. Some pics I made during 2010-2013 are now on sale at the Jyväskylä Art Museum and at Höyry Gallery. Please, email me paivi.hintsanen(a) if you are interested – I can check my archives to show you the theme pics you want or just draw a custom made ones for you!

Granny’s Legacy

The project is about the legacy my granny left for me: two beautiful granny’s square blankets, made with the most beautiful colours. I got the smaller blanket when I was a really little girl – that was almost forty years ago. The larger blanket – now my favourite item on very chilly winter evenings – I got from my mother after granny passed away, over twenty years ago. My granny loved using the colours and that is my dearest heritage of all, love for colours.

I have photographed each square one by one and made a palette of each square. From January 1, 2014 on, I’ll post them, one each day, until all the squares of the two blankets are here. Oddly enough, I haven’t counted them, so I actually don’t have any clue, how long this project will take.

Follow the project and view the beautiful squares & palettes at:



Hienosäätö Pattern Design

I designed for Hienosäätö Ltd  a pattern based for their logo, with many colour and form choices. They use the pattern design for example as a card design for their season’s greetings.

Pattern design and project poster for Hienosäätö

Hienosäätö Ltd ordered a simple pattern design (several colour combinations) from which I made an A2-sized two-sided poster to be used in coaching and training sessions, with a “cover” on the other side and some writing space with assigments on another.

I’m a guest at the Jyväskylä Art Museum Shop during Nov 29 – Jan 12, 2014!

There are art prints and also illustration stuff (badges, colouring pictures, mini prints) and cards available.

The artist meeting (with a cup of tea) on Friday, November 29 at 4.30-5.30pm! Welcome!

Facebook Event

Colouring pics

Drawing sessions. Some new, unique colouring pics are in making and available at the Jyväskylä Art Museum Shop from Nov 29, 2013 on. (New pics coming soon.)

Ps. If you’re interested to get one, please email me (paivi.hintsanen(a) and tell me a theme you are interested on – I’ll check my archives and send you some suggestions.

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Poisonous Halloween!

Poison Pie. Limited edition pigment ink miniprint (8x8cm, ed.50).

Take any kind of ready made soft sugar cake layers, moisten it with Amaretto, make a mound with strawberries and lots of whipped cream and cover it with red icing mass (preferably pre-modelled into shape) and sprinkle some merinque bits around. Delicious and not poisonous at all. Just a bit unhealthy.

View all prints from ‘Café-Bistro Miniprint’ series

KISS and other miniprints available again!

I am going to Tampere fair,
coffee, cats, princesses and Kiss,
Between the salt water and the sea sand,
Then he shall be a true pirate of mine.


Monsterium/Kuvituksia popup
at booth E 85D
Tampere Art Fair 4.–6.10.2013
Tampereen Messu- ja Urheilukeskus

Logo for Mobiilitarina (‘Mobile story’)…

… and some extra stuff to go with that. Commission by Tarinakone ja Design Katja Palmu.

…Look, a relative!

ps. want to send this as an e-card? Go ahead :)

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Illustrations for Anne’s Master Thesis

ps. The same illustrations with some tuning are used in Anne’s book published in spring 2014!

ps2. In Fin: Samoja kuvituksia on käytetty muokattuina Annen keväällä 2014 ilmestyneessä kirjassa “Tarinallistaminen – Palvelukokemuksen punainen lanka”. Lue lisää

Important Trip.

A print from my series Separate Illustrations for Non-Existing Newspapers,  guidebooks and Documents (2011).

Edition of 30; 8×8 cm (+ margin). Printed on: Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth paper. Price (incl. VAT) á 35€ (+ postage).

View the whole print series at my “more serious website” at

Illustration process going on…

A2 sized illustration in process, with pigment ink pens on acid free cotton paper.  Still some work to do… It has taken me over three months to colour the image (a few hours a day). So, not a very fast process, but a very therapeutical one :)

Info poster for Tarinakone

I made this info poster as a short visual resume of Anne Kalliomäki from Tarinakone. Earlier I have designed also Tarinakone logo, illustrated Tarinakone sheep (with various versions) and designed some brochures. And more to come…

Remember your Ffffriend on Valentine’s Day

Have a monsterous Valentine’s Day LIFE and give one for your friends too! Ffffriend (What? We *all* love Flowers, don’t we?) ecard is available in five fashionable spring colours. Just pick one and send it to your friend. And then pick another and send it to another friend!

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Love Coffee?

Monsterium ‘Café-Bistro Miniprint’ offers one Ridiculously Large Latte (limited edition pigment ink miniprint, 8x8cm, ed.50). The print will be given away to a random Monsterium was given to FB page member Niina, on the International Restaurant Day on February 17, 2013!

More prints will be given away maybe someday soon and a badge every month. …So, if you haven’t already, now it is a good time to go and like Monsterium FB-page at:

More information of a restaurant day at

View all prints from ‘Café-Bistro Miniprint’ series

Little Monster Girlie

You can find her in some unique badges (with basic green – red – blue – yellow colouring) and hopefully soon also in t-shirts via zazzle…

Check out other stuff available already in Zazzle…

Monsterious business cards

Decided to order myself new business cards, since the old ones are… hmmm… already old. Also, I love the small size and shape of Moo Minicards, so I just hit the order button today. Let’s wait a few weeks to see the result :)

Anyway, I used the characters from the unique badges, so some of you may have already seen the Little Monster Girlie and Eary Monster somewhere. Totally new character are also under process…

(If you choose to try Moo, please use this: and you’ll get 10% discount off your first order!)

Logo for Hienosäätö

I designed logo and website for Hienosäätö Coaching – a marketing designing and coaching company.

Website can be found at:

Missed #twitterartexhibit…

Oops. I signed to take part to #twitterartexhibit charity exhibition which premiered in Los Angeles tonight. I got my five postcards from Hahnemühle and started drawing some pictures well before christmas – but then I got ill and had to let go of the project – I just ran out of time. Not nice – but if this happens again, I will take part, early enough.

Check out #twitterartexhibit FB page for up to date information:

Some music for the new year 2013!

Unique C-cassette and vinyl badges were a huge success during December. There are only a few badges left but a new set is in process and will be available (hopefully) during February. As there has been a lot of requests to buy these online, I will try to find out if there is an easy way to present these unique badges and sell them also online…

Keep on following the Monsterium FB-page for more info:

Illustration Friday – Snow

Originally a sketch for one winter fest poster (which was very different originally).

Order your Xmas cards ’13 early enough…

During last three weeks I’ve got several Christmas card design orders – to which all I had to say no. :( I would be glad to design your cards but in this time table it’s just not possible. Designing a card takes some time + then printing and delivering it – if I post my cards across the big water now, you’ll propably end up getting them next year – unless using those really, really expensive transfer companies.

So, to get your card designs for next Christmas, make your order early enough – the earlier you can place your order, the better. Yes, if you want to order your next year’s Christmas card design in January – or even now – you are welcome!

To order printed cards for Christmas 2013:
In Europe: deadline for orders is October 15, 2013
In the rest of the world: deadline for orders August 15, 2013

To order digital card designs (to be printed by client) for Christmas 2013:
In anywhere: deadline for orders is November 15, 2013
(Please, check the printing info from your printing company early enough, they might have different deadlines!)

ps. If you’d like to have a personalized Easter card, the deadline to order would be right after the season’s festitivies are over…

Cold outside?

My advice: Take a good book, cover yourself with thick, woollen planket, and have some Creamy Goodiness with Red Nonpareil. Limited edition pigment ink miniprint (8x8cm, ed.50).

View all prints from ‘Café-Bistro Miniprint’ series

It’s December!

Want to have this Blue Reindeer – limited edition pigment ink miniprint (8x8cm, ed.50)?

Like Monsterium FB-page and you just may get it! One print is given away to a random member of Monsterium FB-page on December 8, 2012.

You can’t have THIS Blue Reindeer miniprint, because Eveliina won it (just by liking Monsterium FB-page). (If you want another one just like this, you can still buy them for 15€ +postage – send your requests by email.)

But it’s not too late to like us! Each month also one badge is given to a random Monsterium FB-page member… Small things – but oh, so good!

Merry Cupcakes

…And BTW – Monsterium – Behind the Scenes in Pinterest ( shows stuff …behind the scenes :) Some inspiration and sketches & just playing around with images.

Christmas-Forest Cards

Christmas card commission for a client. The folded cards (20x25cm) are printed on 350g/m matte card paper. In between the folded card a separately printed greetings are placed: there are five different greetings printed on golden paper for different clients (in three languages, with different kind of Christmas, season or holiday greetings).

Café-Bistro Miniprint is open

New set of miniprints (edition of 50) available! For the maincourse I recommend some soups with and without sharks, and we have some beautiful (and one poisonous) desserts and a good selection of coffees.

View ‘Café-Bistro Miniprint’ page to see all the prints in this series!

Monsterium Pop-Up V

Badges, miniprints and all fun and very sad stuff on sale on Saturday at Ilokivi, Jyväskylä! (Possibly also some very cardboardy soup and cafe & chocolade drinks available – depends on how nice the printer will behave in following days.)

Lingonberry Pie II

Limited edition pigment ink print (18x27cm, ed.50). (There are blueberry pies too…)  View the whole Merry Berries series.

Put Some Cream in My Coffee

This is one of the food & drink themed series of limited edition pigment ink miniprints (8x8cm, ed.50), available from the mid-October 2012 on! More pictures coming online at the beginning of October. at the end of November.

View some other available miniprints.

Illustration Friday – Lonely

The Illustration Friday theme Lonely was a very generative one… First I made a few sketches of people alone in crowds, since I didn’t want to go with an obvious choice someone alone, no one else around. But finally that is exactly what I ended up with, someone alone, no one else around, in my illustration Autumn Day in the Park.

Polka-dotted winged cats

…available red, aquamarine and light brown (beigeish), by night and by day, on posters and phone cases at least via Zazzle. Some posters and cases customizable – view options of red polka-dot winged cat

More backgroundless product options will be soon available.

Happy Bunny – Stunned Fish mugs available

Now you can drink from Happy Bunny – Stunned Fish mugs. And also in the other side of the world! There are five different coffee mug choices available with different colour combos with black one-colour print and pink cartoon print. Choose classic white, ringer, two-tone or morphing mug with second colour option, or frosted glass mug – I recommend pink on pink and black on black, but it’s really your choice. All but morphing mug are dishwasher and microwave safe. Each mug features happy bunny on the other and a stunned fish on another side of the mug, which ever way you’ll view it.

Available in and sister stores.


Monsterium/Kuvituksia is in Facebook!

Finally in Facebook! Like us! Spread the word! Each month one randomly chosen member will receive Monsterium badge… AND in addition to that one signed and numbered Monsterium miniprint is given away to a random follower time to time.

Let’s first try to overcome over 25 likers so we can get a shorter url instead this horrible chain of characters:


YES! we have now verrrry much shorter url:

Happy Bunny – Stunned Fish Poster

Poster design which can be hanged in two ways – other image showing bubbly joy and other fishy astonishment :) Poster with various colour versions with or without text available via Zazzle at my new shop
More stuff from mugs to umbrellas soon available.


And yet another Monsterium pop up…

this time at the walking district of Jyväskylä city, as part of the “Summer Bazaar” event organized by Jyväskylä Art Museum and Taide- ja kehyskeskus Oy as part of Jyväskylä Festival.  View FB-event

Monsterium Pop Up III

Badges, cards, unique colouring pictures to be sold at the third Monsterium pop up in Korpilahti Palvipäivät event!

Illustration Friday – Refresh

Saw the theme – got the idea. I’ve planned for a long time for poster series with some 50s feeling in them – candy colours and über sweetness – this is the first one. Other two with quite similar theme are on their way, soon, I hope.

Monsterium Pop-Up shop!

The first ever Monsterium Pop Up Shop is here! The first time the shop is open in a small Korpilahti village of Jyväskylä, in Höyry-galleria (gallery and Emalipuu shop) yard! There are badges, postcards, prints and unique colouring pictures available! In future these Monsterium shops will pop up in another places too – maybe also abroad some day…


I will update my Etsy account before the… well, sometimes soon. Until then, please email me / paivi.hintsanen(at) – One of these small 8x8cm prints costs 15€ (about 20$/£12) + postage. Full catalogue of all 30 prints will be available soon is now online:  view the whole miniprint series.

It rains

I had some fun while preparing to Kuvitelma art sales on Sun Apr 22, 2012. Finished illustration series of  30 small prints, printed on Hahnemühle Photorag Satin, numbered (ed. 50 each) and signed. View the whole miniprint series.


Where there are blueberries, there have to be lingonberries! Found also the paper for this: Hahnemühle Photorag Satin – which gives the prints a bit shiny lustre, but not too much. Limited edition print (ed.50, 18x27cm) available. And yes – there are two pies too…  View the whole Merry Berries series.


Limited edition print (ed.50, 18x27cm) based on the drawing I did about twenty years ago in video school! Found it, scanned it and did a lot of work – and also made a pie out of it :) (Two same sized blueberry pie prints also available).  View the whole Merry Berries series.

Gray, dark and rainy…

For people who like their melancholy. The spring may be coming and summer soon after that with its shiny sun, but I haven’t forgotten you. These ones are from last year, but I have some new, very sad and gray badge and t-shirt designs coming up!

Flowery textile print

The first sketch for a textile print I’ve been planning to realize. The project is now under work – I will clean the image a bit and then it will be printed on a couple of cushions.

Blue reindeer

Only animal print of the series this spring – most of them being sad creatures and pirates right now.

Unique badges

…did I mention, that the badges I’ve designed after November 2011 are all unique. The are some colour variations, but that’s it. Not two alike.


Badges at the Craft Museum of Finland

The Craft Museum of Finland in Jyväskylä just opened it’s new pop-up store – my badges were one article selected to be sold there during this spring.

Sweet Waste Colours

Logo for our dyeing project in which we dye using waste/trash/rubbish – like peels of fruits and used tea bags. Read the blog from

Pirate Captain is here!

Preparing set of about 30 small (8x8cm) prints which will be available before summer. Limited edition prints (ed.50) are signed and numbered – but I haven’t found suitable paper yet. (I have, I have! View the whole miniprint series.)

Sad balloonist

…one of the new badge images I made this year.

Sheep for Tarinakone

My original logo design for Tarinakone presented a sheep whose “wool” was made of red balls… I got a new commission to make more variations of the sheep – so I made several new versions. One of them was this flower-sheep (also available with red and yellow flowers), and in addition also a star sheep, a couple of christmas sheeps, a summer sheep and even a naked one!

Illustration Friday – Silent

No more songs. Testing illustrator & combining water colour textures. Not very original though – I know.

Everything’s about cats!

There are only some of these cat badges available (remember, only 3 badges made of each colour/design). If you’d like to have some, email me at paivi.hintsanen (at) and I’ll send you a catalogue of what’s available.

Some christmas cards…

These christmas cards I made last year, were a total hit! I have still a couple of dozens of them left and I will sell them in some local christmas sales. But if you are interested purchasing some, please email me. I’ll send you a picture list of available cards and their prices with shipping costs to your whereabouts (if you just tell me where to send cards).

Some cuties to carry around

They come in many colours – pink, brown and greenish – but there are only three badges of each colour/design made. By hand.

And still one more beauties… pigment ink drawing

Still one more of the ten pigment ink drawings that are given away as present in Habitare – which will start today in Helsinki! Please, visit Plankko’s booth at Hall 5 a 14!

More beauties – pigment ink drawing

One of the ten pigment ink drawings that will be given away in Habitare…

Flower, Again – pigment ink drawing for aquarelle paper

I have those two things I seem  to repeat time after time in my drawings: messy ribbons and strings and these odd looking flowers. I don’t know what they are or what they are meant to be – I just like to draw them. Before colouring this image I just had to scan it; I propably will make several variations of it with Illustrator and Photoshop…

Ribbons, pigment ink drawing for aquarelle paper

Recently I found these old sketches for aquarelle paper. My original idea was to colour them with water colours, which I decided to now fulfill. But not this one – I sort of like it as it is.

Sketches for Plankko/Habitare

I’m taking part to Habitare 2011 in September with Plankko. We all make some small artworks to giveaway with some of our VIP clients. This is a very small (10×10 cm) archival pigment ink drawing to high-quality, heavyweight, acid and ligning free cellulose paper. I’ve made 10 of the same series, with ink drawing only, and then some more with also some water colour added.

Those evil badges

My monster designs are mostly about monsters who do their everything to be scary – but usually they are not. At all. In fact, they are quite easy to carry around.

Cat pirate

Original drawing for one of the Monsterium series postcards. I sell these original, hand drawn and signed pictures (drawn with water resistant pigment ink) as colouring pictures. There is a empty line at the lower right corner, next to my signature, to whoever will colour this one.

Little Witch That Knits

My contribution to the Sketchbook Project 2011, still in process in this picture. The little sketchbook toured around US this summer, with nearly 10 000 other books, but is still waiting to be scanned.

No 8

In my Finnish colour site Coloria I have a questionnaire about how colours and numbers correlate. A few years back I illustrated an example based on an excel pie diagram of the Coloria data.

Flowery Flow.

A vector illustration for a printed square tablecloth for my friend.

Leaves, petals or something like that

Pigment ink drawing for aquarelle paper. I found this perfect, rough Cartiera Magnani Toscana Aquarello paper – which I found out to be actually quite good drawing paper, which most rough aquarelle papers are not… I decided to draw outlines with archival pigment ink and then colour the images with water colours. The colouring just was forgotten…

Bottle II

Haven’t found yet suitable paper for these more illustrative prints.  (I have, I have!   View the Bottles series.) I want something with a dim lustre, but not too glossy. These prints are limited edition, and also I would like them to differ clearly from my fine art prints also by using different materials (view:

Bottle I

Finished an old illustration project for limited edition (ed. 50) prints. View the Bottles series.

Logo for Tarinakone

Logo for Anne Kalliomäki’s company Tarinakone (“Story machine”).

Posters for Live Herring

I have made several posters, brochures and stuff for Live Herring from 2005 onwards. Here are some.

Animated Movement

Animoitu liike – Animated movement was a live-animation based workshop by Matti Niinimäki and myself; we executed it as a Live Herring open workshop in September 2009.  People could draw their own character and then we attached it to the readymade backgrounds – and as they danced to the music they had chosen, the character they draw moved in the whitescreen.

Besides the concept of the project, I also designed the background images for the project (which were also animated) and the posters and flyers.

Flying Herring – poster for exhibition

Printed A2 sized on matte off-white paper for exhibition purposes for Live Herring. Only 3 copies printed.