I will update my Etsy account before the… well, sometimes soon. Until then, please email me / paivi.hintsanen(at)coloria.net – One of these small 8x8cm prints costs 15€ (about 20$/£12) + postage. Full catalogue of all 30 prints will be available soon is now online:  view the whole miniprint series.

It rains

I had some fun while preparing to Kuvitelma art sales on Sun Apr 22, 2012. Finished illustration series of  30 small prints, printed on Hahnemühle Photorag Satin, numbered (ed. 50 each) and signed. View the whole miniprint series.


Where there are blueberries, there have to be lingonberries! Found also the paper for this: Hahnemühle Photorag Satin – which gives the prints a bit shiny lustre, but not too much. Limited edition print (ed.50, 18x27cm) available. And yes – there are two pies too…  View the whole Merry Berries series.


Limited edition print (ed.50, 18x27cm) based on the drawing I did about twenty years ago in video school! Found it, scanned it and did a lot of work – and also made a pie out of it :) (Two same sized blueberry pie prints also available).  View the whole Merry Berries series.