Polka-dotted winged cats

…available red, aquamarine and light brown (beigeish), by night and by day, on posters and phone cases at least via Zazzle. Some posters and cases customizable – view options of red polka-dot winged cat

More backgroundless product options will be soon available.

Happy Bunny – Stunned Fish mugs available

Now you can drink from Happy Bunny – Stunned Fish mugs. And also in the other side of the world! There are five different coffee mug choices available with different colour combos with black one-colour print and pink cartoon print. Choose classic white, ringer, two-tone or morphing mug with second colour option, or frosted glass mug – I recommend pink on pink and black on black, but it’s really your choice. All but morphing mug are dishwasher and microwave safe. Each mug features happy bunny on the other and a stunned fish on another side of the mug, which ever way you’ll view it.

Available in http://www.zazzle.co.uk/kuvituksia and sister stores.


Monsterium/Kuvituksia is in Facebook!

Finally in Facebook! Like us! Spread the word! Each month one randomly chosen member will receive Monsterium badge… AND in addition to that one signed and numbered Monsterium miniprint is given away to a random follower time to time.

Let’s first try to overcome over 25 likers so we can get a shorter url instead this horrible chain of characters: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Monsterium-Kuvituksia/321428061280333


YES! we have now verrrry much shorter url:  www.facebook.com/monsterium

Happy Bunny – Stunned Fish Poster

Poster design which can be hanged in two ways – other image showing bubbly joy and other fishy astonishment :) Poster with various colour versions with or without text available via Zazzle at my new shop http://www.zazzle.co.uk/kuvituksia
More stuff from mugs to umbrellas soon available.


And yet another Monsterium pop up…

this time at the walking district of Jyväskylä city, as part of the “Summer Bazaar” event organized by Jyväskylä Art Museum and Taide- ja kehyskeskus Oy as part of Jyväskylä Festival.  View FB-event

Monsterium Pop Up III

Badges, cards, unique colouring pictures to be sold at the third Monsterium pop up in Korpilahti Palvipäivät event!

Illustration Friday – Refresh

Saw the theme – got the idea. I’ve planned for a long time for poster series with some 50s feeling in them – candy colours and über sweetness – this is the first one. Other two with quite similar theme are on their way, soon, I hope.