Monsterious business cards

Decided to order myself new business cards, since the old ones are… hmmm… already old. Also, I love the small size and shape of Moo Minicards, so I just hit the order button today. Let’s wait a few weeks to see the result :)

Anyway, I used the characters from the unique badges, so some of you may have already seen the Little Monster Girlie and Eary Monster somewhere. Totally new character are also under process…

(If you choose to try Moo, please use this: and you’ll get 10% discount off your first order!)

Logo for Hienosäätö

I designed logo and website for Hienosäätö Coaching – a marketing designing and coaching company.

Website can be found at:

Chilly weather, warm soup.

Tomato Soup with Turmeric and A Shark. Limited edition pigment ink miniprint (8x8cm, ed.50).

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Missed #twitterartexhibit…

Oops. I signed to take part to #twitterartexhibit charity exhibition which premiered in Los Angeles tonight. I got my five postcards from Hahnemühle and started drawing some pictures well before christmas – but then I got ill and had to let go of the project – I just ran out of time. Not nice – but if this happens again, I will take part, early enough.

Check out #twitterartexhibit FB page for up to date information:

Some music for the new year 2013!

Unique C-cassette and vinyl badges were a huge success during December. There are only a few badges left but a new set is in process and will be available (hopefully) during February. As there has been a lot of requests to buy these online, I will try to find out if there is an easy way to present these unique badges and sell them also online…

Keep on following the Monsterium FB-page for more info: