Granny’s Legacy

The project is about the legacy my granny left for me: two beautiful granny’s square blankets, made with the most beautiful colours. I got the smaller blanket when I was a really little girl – that was almost forty years ago. The larger blanket – now my favourite item on very chilly winter evenings – I got from my mother after granny passed away, over twenty years ago. My granny loved using the colours and that is my dearest heritage of all, love for colours.

I have photographed each square one by one and made a palette of each square. From January 1, 2014 on, I’ll post them, one each day, until all the squares of the two blankets are here. Oddly enough, I haven’t counted them, so I actually don’t have any clue, how long this project will take.

Follow the project and view the beautiful squares & palettes at:



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