Downloadable PDF guide for Tarinakone

Anne Kalliomäki is the owner of Tarinakone company. She is an expert of finding the stories behind the ordinary company products. She has worked around this theme for many years and a few years back she published her first free downloadable pdf booklet of making stories around business products (I made the layout and illustrations also for that one). Now the second version of the booklet is around: “Ilmainen opas punaisen langan metsästäjille 2” (“Free guide for the hunters of the red thread 2”) – only in Finnish, though. I have made the layout and some illustrations for the booklet, and also the promotion material.

If you can handle Finnish, you may read more – and download the free booklet.

Sparkling Coffee (Dark Roasted)

I just happen to have one spark-themed miniprint suitable for Illustration Friday topic!


Various variations of cats at

Tote bags

ps. BTW, look the site header for some great offers now and then, for example “FREE Worldwide Shipping and $5 Off Each Item”!

Some abstract flower flow…

Made this design as a table cloth design for my friend – but look, now it’s pillow in four colour combinations!

Society6 / Päivi Hintsanen

Joined Society6!

After planning to join to Society 6 for months (years?) I finally got myself time enough to make it happen. The first upload is Refresh pic that I made some time ago. Soon some other older stuff too will follow, like polka-dotted-winged cats and some small but kind monsters. Right now I’m designing whole new illustrations that I’ll get finished hopefully in the beginning of June – and which will then be available exclusively at Society6 site.

Visit my Society6 page.