Granny’s Legacy

Nostalgy all over again. These postcards / memory game cards include photos of the blanket my granny made for me about forty years ago. Vintage, yes, and still in use.

You may send the cards as usual postcards, but if you leave the backside empty and send the card in an envelope instead, the lucky one can cut herself or himself a memory game! One card gives you a three pair mini memory game, but five cards together make a good game with some challenge…

The set of five different postcards gives you a 15 pair memory game – quite challenging actually.

Five cards package 10,00 €
includes five different cards, one envelope, A5-sized transparent paper for writing a note or a letter, and one granny’s square envelope sticker.

Packaging & shipping costs are added (depending on where the package goes, in Finland & Europe 3€)

Request also individual cards (á 1,50).

(FI: Lataa suomenkielinen esite)

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