Korjaamo Design Market 2018

Posted on 2018 10 24

For the very first time I’ll be taking part to the Korjaamo Design Market in Helsinki November 10-11, 2018! Please, come find me in Kulmasali! I’m mostly taking with me the more ‘serious’ prints, but also some of these small miniprints from C-Cassette & Vinyl nostalgy series and some small stuff, like Värikki-wax crayons.

I’ll be travelling by train and taking my stuff within two suitcases (not too big), so I won’t be carrying tons of stuff there, but just enough to see (and buy). If you’d really really would like to see some of the prints live, please email beforehand paivi.hintsanen@coloria.net, and I’ll take the prints with me!

Ooo, so excited!

Korjaamo’s Design Market showcases beautiful and sustainable Finnish design. Come and meet the local designers and hear the stories behind their quality products!

Design Market 10.–11. November 11am–5pm
Tram Hall & Corner Hall
(Töölönkatu 51 a-b, Helsinki)
Free entry


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