The Sweet Waste Dyes Guide

A few years back Ulla Lapiolahti and I made a Finnish e-book about garbage colours – how to get dyes and colours out of your everyday biowaste, for example, like onion skins, coffee grounds etc. Now the 20-page e-book is out in English (with the help of Miia Huttunen and Frankie Robertson who did enormous proofreading job!)

In the guide we show you the secrets of garbage dyeing, give you instructions of how to make inks and printing pastes, carve some potatoes for printing purposes and pattern some paper – fun and ecological recycling in mind. The guide is made for everyone interested – but especially for teachers and group councelors. We are glad if our guide can be utilised in teaching or any group activities.

Our guide is made to be printed at home. It is shared with Creative Commons licence, which gives permission to share, copy and print it for non-commercial use. Download, share with your friends and have fun!

Download the booklet via SULOisia värejä – The Sweet Waste Dyes webpage – and share it with your friends too!

Sweet Waste Dyes, headline page 12

New logo for Coloria

I re-designed the logo with this hand-drawn one, very opposite to the old, boring and flat one. is my website about colours (in Finnish only, sorry), and the remaking of the whole site is on its way. Also planning to utilize this logo to make some print stuff (totes, tees and also textured ones)… soon.


Granny’s Legacy

The project is about the legacy my granny left for me: two beautiful granny’s square blankets, made with the most beautiful colours. I got the smaller blanket when I was a really little girl – that was almost forty years ago. The larger blanket – now my favourite item on very chilly winter evenings – I got from my mother after granny passed away, over twenty years ago. My granny loved using the colours and that is my dearest heritage of all, love for colours.

I have photographed each square one by one and made a palette of each square. From January 1, 2014 on, I’ll post them, one each day, until all the squares of the two blankets are here. Oddly enough, I haven’t counted them, so I actually don’t have any clue, how long this project will take.

Follow the project and view the beautiful squares & palettes at:



RED – posters and prints!

RED card and posters include the word red in various languages. Behind each card there is a QR code where you can take a peak to ‘language map’, to see in which language each red word is written. QR code is also provided with each poster separately. A small black and white printed ‘language map’ is printed with each order. Also in future you may access to the language file via this and via sites – so everyone will get to see the ‘language map’, even those without a QR reader.

Please read more: