Illustrations for the Alzheimer Society of Finland

I have made illustrations for a children’s story, a cartoon and an info booklet, and also a sea horse “logo”, commissioned by the Alzheimer Society of Finland. Texts by Heidi Härmä and Sanna Aavaluoma and layout by Mainostoimisto Maustamo (advertising agency). These booklets are meant for young children whose parents have gotten alzheimer in early age. The children’s story (The island of sea horses) was the most sad but beautiful illustration commissions ever.

It was also interesting to find out that hippocampus is a part of our brain plays important part in short- and long-time memory and it’s named after its resemblance to the seahorse (Greek hippos meaning “horse” and kampos meaning “sea monster”) – that’s why the sea horse in these stories.

New logo for Coloria

I re-designed the logo with this hand-drawn one, very opposite to the old, boring and flat one. is my website about colours (in Finnish only, sorry), and the remaking of the whole site is on its way. Also planning to utilize this logo to make some print stuff (totes, tees and also textured ones)… soon.


Licence to knit!

Commission for TitiTyy yarn shop – print used in t-shirts, totes etc. If you ever should come in Jyväskylä (Finland), you just have to walk into the beeeeaaaatiful TitiTyy Shop in old historical wooden building – but if you won’t be coming soon to visit our small town, please check the shop out at

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Downloadable PDF guide for Tarinakone

Anne Kalliomäki is the owner of Tarinakone company. She is an expert of finding the stories behind the ordinary company products. She has worked around this theme for many years and a few years back she published her first free downloadable pdf booklet of making stories around business products (I made the layout and illustrations also for that one). Now the second version of the booklet is around: “Ilmainen opas punaisen langan metsästäjille 2” (“Free guide for the hunters of the red thread 2”) – only in Finnish, though. I have made the layout and some illustrations for the booklet, and also the promotion material.

If you can handle Finnish, you may read more – and download the free booklet.

Hienosäätö Pattern Design

I designed for Hienosäätö Ltd  a pattern based for their logo, with many colour and form choices. They use the pattern design for example as a card design for their season’s greetings.

Pattern design and project poster for Hienosäätö

Hienosäätö Ltd ordered a simple pattern design (several colour combinations) from which I made an A2-sized two-sided poster to be used in coaching and training sessions, with a “cover” on the other side and some writing space with assigments on another.

Logo for Mobiilitarina (‘Mobile story’)…

… and some extra stuff to go with that. Commission by Tarinakone ja Design Katja Palmu.

Illustrations for Anne’s Master Thesis

ps. The same illustrations with some tuning are used in Anne’s book published in spring 2014!

ps2. In Fin: Samoja kuvituksia on käytetty muokattuina Annen keväällä 2014 ilmestyneessä kirjassa “Tarinallistaminen – Palvelukokemuksen punainen lanka”. Lue lisää

Info poster for Tarinakone

I made this info poster as a short visual resume of Anne Kalliomäki from Tarinakone. Earlier I have designed also Tarinakone logo, illustrated Tarinakone sheep (with various versions) and designed some brochures. And more to come…

Logo for Hienosäätö

I designed logo and website for Hienosäätö Coaching – a marketing designing and coaching company.

Website can be found at: