New logo for Coloria

I re-designed the logo with this hand-drawn one, very opposite to the old, boring and flat one. is my website about colours (in Finnish only, sorry), and the remaking of the whole site is on its way. Also planning to utilize this logo to make some print stuff (totes, tees and also textured ones)… soon.


Logo for Mobiilitarina (‘Mobile story’)…

… and some extra stuff to go with that. Commission by Tarinakone ja Design Katja Palmu.

Logo for Hienosäätö

I designed logo and website for Hienosäätö Coaching – a marketing designing and coaching company.

Website can be found at:

Sweet Waste Colours

Logo for our dyeing project in which we dye using waste/trash/rubbish – like peels of fruits and used tea bags. Read the blog from

Sheep for Tarinakone

My original logo design for Tarinakone presented a sheep whose “wool” was made of red balls… I got a new commission to make more variations of the sheep – so I made several new versions. One of them was this flower-sheep (also available with red and yellow flowers), and in addition also a star sheep, a couple of christmas sheeps, a summer sheep and even a naked one!

Logo for Tarinakone

Logo for Anne Kalliomäki’s company Tarinakone (“Story machine”).