I also sell some on-demand stuff via Zazzle and Society6 (view ‘Shops and orders’) but under this menu you’ll find my personally made original illustration prints and drawings, signed (and sometimes numbered) are made 100% by myself from start to end!  I sell this stuff personally via email and in some events (check out the Monsterium pop up shops, mostly in Finland) and in some selected (real life) shops.

Original illustration prints

Original illustration prints are all signed and numbered by me. They are made on high-quality print paper with pigment ink printer, so they are quality made, water and light proof (on normal conditions, that is – I’m not claiming that the images will last if you soak them on your bath tube for seven weeks).

Available signed limited edition prints:
Miniprints – Pirates, Cats & Ordinary Life, signed (edition of 50)
Miniprints II – Café-Bistro Miniprint, signed (edition of 50)
Miniprints III – Vinyl & C-Cassette Nostalgy, signed (edition of 50)
Miniprints IV – Kitchen Go-Go, signed (edition of 50)
Merry Berries & Bottles-series (edition of 50)

I don’t sign and number prints that are printed by someone else than me.
I don’t sell any of my signed  and numbered prints in on-demand stores. (Though, many of the illustrations are based on the original drawings in which some badge designs and on-demand designs are based also – but they are not the same pictures anyway.)
I may, in future, sell some reproductions of the prints as postcards or other very different stuff, but as prints – never.

Unique colouring pictures

Each colouring picture is drawn by hand with archival pigment ink pen to quality cotton paper. The pictures can be coloured with chalks, water colours, felt tips – almost with anything. The black drawing ink is water proof and doesn’t fade or change colour.

This colouring picture thing is about co-working & joint forces: I draw, you colour, so let’s both sign the final work! There is an empty line  besides my signature at the lower right corner, in which the colourist can write his/her own signature.  :)

My hand-drawn colouring pictures are the basis for many other of my illustrations and badges. Some pictures have been also reproduced as “coloured” version for poster or postcards. You may think the colouring pictures as the original versions – which they truly are.

Commission colouring pictures are totally unique: the orderer gets the one and only piece.  I may show the digital image of the picture in my portfolio, but I won’t reproduce the picture in any way for selling purposes.

Please request an up-to-date pdf-catalogue of available unique colouring pictures, or send inquiries about commission colouring pictures by email.

Original unique plastic badges

Yeah, I know. I must be mad. I don’t mass produce badges but instead I make each badge unique with my own little hands. The badge image is printed on very good quality photo paper, hand cutted and placed into plastic badge cover.  The picture won’t fade easily and it’s quite water proof. You can actually drop the badge into floor and then step on it a few times with hard bottomed shoes, and then the badge will break, but in everyday use it will be rather durable. I’ve actually tested this by (accidentally) washing my badge attached to my shirt in the washing machine about ten times. To tell the truth, there is now a little crack on the plastic cover – nothing happened to the illustration inside but the badge looks a bit worn now…

There isn’ t a catalogue of badges available – they are so many and people are buying them, it’s hard to keep track. But if you have something in mind, for example do you have cat motif with something blue in it or do you have horrible monsters with many heads with some pink in it, please just drop me a line and I send you a photo of few available badges that could be just right for you.

Where to buy?

At the moment you can request these original signed prints, badges and colouring pictures only by emailing me paivi.hintsanen(at)coloria.net