Christmas decorations

(…ended up colouring my advent colouring calendar pictures myself…) – The whole picture + all other colouring pictures of the advent calendar are available as downloadable free colouring pictures at Kuvituksia / Monsterium Facebook-page during December 2014.

Girl With An Imaginary Beard

Masquerade in Africa

It’s a monster! …No, it’s a cat with a strange mask and around some African inspired colours. (And there are three colour versions!)

Available also from Society6: prints, tees, laptop skins… Take a peek:

Sparkling Coffee (Dark Roasted)

I just happen to have one spark-themed miniprint suitable for Illustration Friday topic!

…Look, a relative!

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Important Trip.

A print from my series Separate Illustrations for Non-Existing Newspapers,  guidebooks and Documents (2011).

Edition of 30; 8×8 cm (+ margin). Printed on: Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth paper. Price (incl. VAT) á 35€ (+ postage).

View the whole print series at my “more serious website” at

Illustration Friday – Snow

Originally a sketch for one winter fest poster (which was very different originally).

Illustration Friday – Lonely

The Illustration Friday theme Lonely was a very generative one… First I made a few sketches of people alone in crowds, since I didn’t want to go with an obvious choice someone alone, no one else around. But finally that is exactly what I ended up with, someone alone, no one else around, in my illustration Autumn Day in the Park.

Illustration Friday – Refresh

Saw the theme – got the idea. I’ve planned for a long time for poster series with some 50s feeling in them – candy colours and über sweetness – this is the first one. Other two with quite similar theme are on their way, soon, I hope.

Illustration Friday – Silent

No more songs. Testing illustrator & combining water colour textures. Not very original though – I know.