New logo for Coloria

I re-designed the logo with this hand-drawn one, very opposite to the old, boring and flat one. is my website about colours (in Finnish only, sorry), and the remaking of the whole site is on its way. Also planning to utilize this logo to make some print stuff (totes, tees and also textured ones)… soon.


More Cats!

They are sunny yellow, strong orange, beautiful pink, some white and black, and striped and all. And every cat in five gorgeous background colours. Something for the quiet, pastelly lovers and something else for the …eh… others.

Check out my Society6 page for prints, mobile & laptop skins, pillows, rugs… at All colour variations will be avaible in two weeks time!

Masquerade in Africa

It’s a monster! …No, it’s a cat with a strange mask and around some African inspired colours. (And there are three colour versions!)

Available also from Society6: prints, tees, laptop skins… Take a peek:

Granny’s Legacy

The project is about the legacy my granny left for me: two beautiful granny’s square blankets, made with the most beautiful colours. I got the smaller blanket when I was a really little girl – that was almost forty years ago. The larger blanket – now my favourite item on very chilly winter evenings – I got from my mother after granny passed away, over twenty years ago. My granny loved using the colours and that is my dearest heritage of all, love for colours.

I have photographed each square one by one and made a palette of each square. From January 1, 2014 on, I’ll post them, one each day, until all the squares of the two blankets are here. Oddly enough, I haven’t counted them, so I actually don’t have any clue, how long this project will take.

Follow the project and view the beautiful squares & palettes at:



…Look, a relative!

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Illustration process going on…

A2 sized illustration in process, with pigment ink pens on acid free cotton paper.  Still some work to do… It has taken me over three months to colour the image (a few hours a day). So, not a very fast process, but a very therapeutical one :)

Monsterious business cards

Decided to order myself new business cards, since the old ones are… hmmm… already old. Also, I love the small size and shape of Moo Minicards, so I just hit the order button today. Let’s wait a few weeks to see the result :)

Anyway, I used the characters from the unique badges, so some of you may have already seen the Little Monster Girlie and Eary Monster somewhere. Totally new character are also under process…

(If you choose to try Moo, please use this: and you’ll get 10% discount off your first order!)

Illustration Friday – Snow

Originally a sketch for one winter fest poster (which was very different originally).