Secret Garden

Something old, something new! Not so long ago I discovered some fairytale illustrations I had drawn over ten years ago. I decided to give a new life to them in Illustrator and Photoshop – and here they are, the first of them being ‘Secret Garden’. It is available in my Society6 Shop as small and big prints, but also as pouches, pillows, rugs…

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Well, these are fun! I noticed that Society6 has brought an option for leggings. Most of my Society6 images are not pictures that would work in leggings as they are, but I decided to give them a go with my Iconia Girls series, especially using their curly hair as an ornamental decoration.

Check out all the choices of these grand designs from my Society6 Shop!

New Café-Bistro Miniprints

Well, not exactly ‘new’, I made them already last year (2015), but I’m a bit slow right now… But this time I offer you some extraordinary taste combinations, so find your inner adventurer for example with this ‘Coffee & Salmiac’ combo. A verrry good gift for some one who likes coffee and adventures!

Only 20€/$ + postage!

View all choices from the Café-Bistro Miniprints series.

New Vinyl & C-Cassette Nostalgy Prints

‘Not Again…’ and five other new prints from the Vinyl & C-Cassette Nostalgy miniprint series now added online!

View the Vinyl & C-Cassette Nostalgy series prints

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Granny’s Legacy

Nostalgy all over again. These postcards / memory game cards include photos of the blanket my granny made for me about forty years ago. Vintage, yes, and still in use.

You may send the cards as usual postcards, but if you leave the backside empty and send the card in an envelope instead, the lucky one can cut herself or himself a memory game! One card gives you a three pair mini memory game, but five cards together make a good game with some challenge…

The set of five different postcards gives you a 15 pair memory game – quite challenging actually.

Five cards package 10,00 €
includes five different cards, one envelope, A5-sized transparent paper for writing a note or a letter, and one granny’s square envelope sticker.

Packaging & shipping costs are added (depending on where the package goes, in Finland & Europe 3€)

Request also individual cards (á 1,50).

(FI: Lataa suomenkielinen esite)

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10v Monsterium

Yep. It’s here! Ten years of colouring pictures with a mild 10v voltage! The book 10v Monsterium, including 32 colouring pictures! There’s absolutely nothing zen or mindfulness thingies in this retrospectively raging colouring book. You can hardly get any peace of mind of it either, but I have tried to keep the illustrations simple enough, that no bigger stress should grow during the colouring process. Between the covers there hide some messy-minded monsters, crazy creatures, some dogs and cats and one striped fox.

The price is 10€ per book (+postage). If you are interested, please email me paivi.hintsanen(at) :) PayPal payment possible.

ps. 10v is actually Finnish equivalent for 10y(ears) :)

10v monsterium!

Download the xmas colouring pictures

During December 2014 I have had a colouring advent calendar at my monsterium facebook-page. This year all the windows are already opened and all the pictures are downloadable for printing and then colouring. You can arrange the pictures and make a really huuuuuge one colouring picture of them :)

Links to colouring pictures:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
Day 15
Day 16
Day 17
Day 18
Day 19
Day 20
Day 21
Day 22
Day 23
Day 24
Day 25

Read more about this 2014 project

Monsterium Popup XV at Christmas Fair, Jyväskylä

The Sweet Waste Dyes Guide

A few years back Ulla Lapiolahti and I made a Finnish e-book about garbage colours – how to get dyes and colours out of your everyday biowaste, for example, like onion skins, coffee grounds etc. Now the 20-page e-book is out in English (with the help of Miia Huttunen and Frankie Robertson who did enormous proofreading job!)

In the guide we show you the secrets of garbage dyeing, give you instructions of how to make inks and printing pastes, carve some potatoes for printing purposes and pattern some paper – fun and ecological recycling in mind. The guide is made for everyone interested – but especially for teachers and group councelors. We are glad if our guide can be utilised in teaching or any group activities.

Our guide is made to be printed at home. It is shared with Creative Commons licence, which gives permission to share, copy and print it for non-commercial use. Download, share with your friends and have fun!

Download the booklet via SULOisia värejä – The Sweet Waste Dyes webpage – and share it with your friends too!

Sweet Waste Dyes, headline page 12